Fancy Jasper was conceived in 2020 as an idea to “champion all things creative”.

It began as an exercise in thought, design and creativity, where we could share our creative inspiration and develop new ideas, commentate on cultural movements and brands. In its own right, Fancy Jasper soon began producing its own design, media content and merchandise which sits across our website today. 

But it quickly became clear that at the heart of our inspiration was Japan, a country which for the West has long been a land of intrigue and mystery.

For Fancy Jasper, Japan represents the pushing of cultural boundaries. Steeped in tradition, but constantly at the forefront of evolution, from art, to fashion, to technology and everything in between.

As a group of creatives, our relationship with the country has grown from an outside fascination, to a passion and understanding for all it has to offer. It began with trips to explore every corner of the country, but we’re proud to say that it’s now a place where we count colleagues, but also close friends.

Fancy Jasper exists as a home to our discoveries of Japan; our musings; our discoveries of all things Japanese, in the hopes that in can create even a small window so that others can learn more about the place we hold dear.

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