Shibuya Crossing from above at Shibuya Sky in Tokyo, Japan

A World Amongst the Clouds – Shibuya Sky

As your train pulls into the platform, you get off and head towards the exit at Shibuya Station, you’re hit by the hustle and bustle of the famous Shibuya Crossing
– an intersection allowing pedestrians to cross from all directions. It’s somewhat a spectacle but also quite overwhelming.

Wondering which direction to head in you lift your head up. There you see the Shibuya Sky, towering 230 metres above street-level. If you want to escape the noise and stress, then this could be your ticket out. It’s the tallest structure in Shibuya and a sky city packed full of everything you need; from clothes, to groceries, gourmet restaurants, offices, and event spaces.

But this is not just a daytime attraction – as well as the many trendy bars and restaurants, you can head to the rooftop and experience the ‘Crossing Light’ – 18 beams illuminate the city sky, while you sit back, sip your cocktail and forget about the madness that’s happening 47 floors below.

Shibuya Sky is made up of three main areas.

The Sky Gate (floors 14 to 45) may just appear to be just an elevator ride, it’s a lot more than that, as you travel between the floors sound and visual effects showcase a mind-blowing, digital art journey.

Then there’s the Sky Gallery – an indoor observation area on the 46th floor – An immersive space, transporting you to worlds beyond your imagination. There’s also a café and bar, where you can sit back and enjoy the aerial views of Tokyo, even if it’s pouring down outside.

But the pièce de resistance has to be the Sky Stage – the main rooftop area where you can soak up the jaw-dropping view – if you’re lucky, you may even see Mt. Fuji on a clear day.  There’s also a helipad, an observation compass and a lounging area, equipped with sofas and hammocks so you can sit back and relax. The most popular pastime here couldn’t be more opposite to the insane street-level Tokyo experience: cloud-watching.

For those who still seek further thrills, the ‘Sky Edge’ is a glass corner to literally look down on the city. All that’s between you and Tokyo below is 2-inches of glass….

So, if you’re afraid of heights, this may not be the day trip for you – keep your feet firmly on the chaotic ground below… but you’ll miss out on something breathtaking.