An emotional roller-coaster at Fuji-Q, Japan…

Record Busting Roller-coasters and High-Octane Houses of Horror…

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Want to take on rollercoaster rides that break all world records….?

The snappily named Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park (often shortened to Fu-Q by locals), is a kinda hidden gem. Yet it’s a thrill-seekers’ paradise. Nearly all the rides are the most extreme versions of their kind on the planet.

It’s a two hour drive away from Tokyo – the reason a lot of visitors have never heard of it – but I seriously recommend you search it out, for terrific scream action. It can also be a pit-stop en-route to Mt. Fuji. It’s located at the base of the mountain in south eastern Yamanashi near the border of Shizuok and you can get there by bus or train.

It’s a wildly fun place, packed with world record-breaking rides, that twist and turn at great heights, and quite frankly, makes my stomach churn just at the thought. But if you are more adventurous than me, here’s a few of the very best-slash-bonkers rides to check out.

This ranks amongst the best rollercoasters in the world – the eighth highest, the fifth longest and the tenth fastest. It’s utterly terrifying with a 79metre drop, but that can almost be forgiven, as it also gives the most spectacular views at a staggering 259ft above ground.

The new observatory at Fuji-Q Highland
Due to open in the Summer of 2021, is the new outdoor observatory which towers at 55m high and is located outside of the park so anyone can give it a go. Here you can not only take in the incredible views, but if you’re feeling brave you can take the Fujiyama Walk – a path in the air without handrails that was previously only open to maintenance staff. Gulp!

Pop a harness on, and you could be walking side by side with the Fujiyama roller coaster. And for one final thrill, why not imitate garbage in a chute, by going down the giant twisting slide that will take you from the top to the bottom in 3.4 seconds. Now THAT sounds like fun!

You’ll be really taking the plunge by riding this one, as it’s the steepest rollercoaster in the world, with an almost vertical drop angle of 121 degrees. Those with vertigo, or a weak stomach, keep away from this one, or you might be seeing your lunch again.

If you like spending more time upside down than being upright, then this is the ride for you. Your feet dangle from the seat, which rotates a full 360 degrees. It actually has the highest number of spins than any other ride in the world – ergh, I feel nauseous just writing this! 

Ever wanted to fly? Well, this might be the next best thing as it is the world’s fourth fastest rollercoaster with a G-force of 3.3Gs. It will certainly get your heart beating faster – which funnily enough is where the name Dodonpa gets its name from. The exact translation is ‘your heart will explode’. Probably.

Super Scary Labyrinth Of Fear
One of the best things about roller coasters (in my opinion) is that the fear doesn’t last long – tolerate a couple of minutes of persecution, and then you’re free to go. But, if you like your terror to be more drawn out, like watching the second Sex in the City movie, then my guessing is you’ll love this. Think ‘House Of Horrors’ dialled up to 11. Oh, did I mention it lasts for a mind-numbing 50 minutes!  Fifty. Minutes.

So something for everyone – unless you’re someone like me, who would much prefer to buy and enjoy an ice cream, rather than seeing it again 10 minutes later on a loop-the-loop.