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Fancy Jasper – Experiencing Japan: Kuidaore

Welcome to the Fancy Jasper: Experiencing Japan.

A lot is made of the cultural differences between the East and the West, and within all the noise, a lot can be lost in translation. On our travels to Japan, we explored a few subjects of Japanese culture which are less well understood, and created a short guide through some of the Japanese words we think best explains the country, its values and its culture.

The part of Japanese culture that we in the West probably all know best is its cuisine. There’s sushi, udon, ramen in all those classic chain restaurants across the UK. But delving a little deeper into food culture in Japan and you’ll learn that there are so many different styles of restaurant and café that you may not have heard of. From your traditional Japanese tea rooms, to the late night Izikaya bar-style establishments, the joy of exploring Japan is in experiencing all its different styles of cuisine – and having a full belly at the end.