Fancy Jasper – Experiencing Japan: Yoisho

Welcome to Fancy Jasper: Experiencing Japan

A lot is made of the cultural differences between the East and the West, and within all the noise, a lot can be lost in translation. On our travels to Japan, we explored a few subjects of Japanese culture which are less well understood, and created a short guide through some of the Japanese words we think best explains the country, its values and its culture.

Experiencing Yoisho:

Japan is best known for its bustling metropolises like Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, where there’s something happening in every direction, and sometimes (depending on the area you’re in) a whole lot of noise. But did you know Japan is 67 percent forest? Escaping the huge cities and arriving in the beautiful countryside what hits you first is the immense quiet, and tranquillity of the land which surrounds you. In these places, that sense of yoisho – a word we don’t have in English, meaning the feeling of total rest and calming, is ever-present. The pace of life here seems to slow as you absorb that sensation, and while it’s difficult to truly convey such a term in video, such scenery still has that affect on us.