Japanese Pizza – get a slice of the action!

For many foodies Japan is the pinnacle of global food culture, from the quality of their ingredients, to technique, and the final exquisite product. In fact, Japan has the second most Michelin stars in the world after France, so it’s no wonder the country’s cuisine is so well respected.


Eating in Japan is an experience for all the senses, with every magnificent dish painstakingly served up. If you’re in Japan and you have a sudden urge to stuff your face with something a bit less refined, you’ll have a job on your hands – here, even pizza has become haute cuisine.

Whilst Westerners like to keep things simple – a bog standard margherita or pepperoni perhaps – in Japan, anything goes. Teriyaki chicken with mayo? Squid ink? Potato and mentaiko (spicy cod roe)? Fermented soybeans (Natto)? Some are an acquired taste and not for the faint hearted.

Pizza Hut Japan has over six times as many choices as the American menu.


Takeaway is also considered a luxury in Japan. The average price for a large pizza is around $30, which is the most expensive in the world.

These days, pizza can be found almost anywhere in Japan: in restaurants, via delivery, or even in supermarkets. But in Japan, it wasn’t introduced until after the second world war, when the country took on a more welcoming attitude to outside and western influence. Dominoes were first into Japan to push their pizza, but now Japan is actually exporting its own unique take on a stone-baked, stone-cold Western classic.

So what next? Japanese pizza becoming a staple in Italy? That should give the Italian nonnas a thing or two to think about.  Porca vacca! 

Which is not Italian for ‘over our dead bodies’.